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Studying I need some insight about studying in Malaysia and Germany

Hi everybody,
This is my first time posting here and I hope I'm in the Right place.
To give some back story, I'm Studying A-levels (international), I live in a 3rd world (developing) country where sciences are very neglected in terms of education, and job market for physical sciences (my 1st choice) graduates is virtually nonexistent. My budget allows for studying in a country like Malaysia or Germany.
And while engineering (my 2nd choice) jobs are quite available ( for some specific fields) the fast increase in the number of engineers is making it harder to find engineering jobs.
I want some insight about the job prospects for international students in Malaysia, I'm quite sure sciences there are quite neglected (maybe not to the same extent) especially in terms of job markets and research and please correct me if I'm wrong. So I'm specifically asking about the chances for foreigners of staying there to work after graduating with a mechanical/chemical engineering degrees (closest ones to sciences to my knowledge) .
I'm asking the same question but with regards to Germany and a science (Physics/Chemistry) degree.
To clarify My question concerns the chances of staying in the country after graduating to work there as returning to my country after getting any of the degrees listed above is like never leaving in the first place.
Please excuse my english it is not my first language.
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For each major of interest, ask the university:
  • "What percentage of ____ majors from ____ university are employed within 3-6 months after graduation?
  • "Of those successfully hired within that 3-6 month period, what is the starting median salary from ____ university with the ____ major?
  • What percentage of students seeking an internship successfully obtain one each year?
Also check mid-career salary for your target country. You can compare this data against the cost of supporting a family there and sending money back to your home country.

Germany is a great place. It is easy to get a visa provided the salary offered is higher than a certain minimum. It is important to understand and be comfortable with the German culture and to speak C1 German. Target a university in a metropolitan area that has many jobs like the ones you want to work in. Get internships and high marks (grades). These things make you more attractive as an employee.

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