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I need to make a robot over the next year

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    I'm helping my nephew in school who really wants to be part of robotics class. I don't know why. He is a year under being considered, and next year, in order to "apply" he needs to make a robot, and film a documentary on how, why, he built it, and why he should be accepted.

    Electronics and robotics aren't my strong suit, so I was wondering if anyone here had any ideas for a grade school robotics project?

    I'm not sure if I should have posted this here or in homework....
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    Why wouldn't you want to be part of a robotics class? Robots are great. Having to build a robot to get in is pretty competitive though!

    How old is he? There are many many robotics kits available these days, at a variety of price-points and skill levels. Perhaps a kit would be the way to go? A great option for kids (and adults) are the Lego mindstorms kits - but they aren't cheap.
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    I'm guessing most students will use a kit and have a generic, repetitive, outcome (I mean how many times can you build the Alamo?) Then, emotional response, why they should be picked over others that used a kit (all considered equal).

    Honestly, robotics are bad ass. But, not my knowledge.

    I want to make a robot for my nephew.
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    There are many sites on the internet. You just have to be persistent to get by all the ones that are using a microcontroller and kits, ( as if that is the only way to do things one would get the impression from googling )
    Go to the library and see of they have any books on robot building, from the simple to the complicated.

    You can ravage parts from old equipment, or buy new just outright.

    Here's one that uses an operational amplifier basic circuit to control a vehicle to follow a line - black in this case ( usually these are called white line followers ).

    Anyways, in the end, you will have to become familiar with such things as soldering, reading electronic circuits, identifying components, and testing the circuit.
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    Perhaps it would be better if you made a robot with your nephew?
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    How old is your nephew. What kind of background does your nephew and you have?
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    this will be a very safe bet. Robolab is a very intuitive programming tool for someone with little experience.
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    He's in upper grade school. Neither of us have an electrical engineering background. He kicks ass at building things on Minecraft, and I...kind of understand concepts more than details or creativity. So, neither of us have this specific background, but I'm sure we can figure it out.

    Just spoke with my nephew. Apparently he is super excited about Lego Minestorms? So I will look into that. He also said, "Of course you should use a kit! I'm just using it so I can learn more!!!!"

    So okay then. Lol
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