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I Saw Something Beautiful last Night

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    I was outside in the rain last night checking on up my rain water harvesting equipment when I looked up and saw a light in the sky through the pouring down rain.

    Although the sky appeared to be completely overcast in the dark and in the rain; It was the moon shining through a very small opening in the clouds. It really bright and it was not there when I went out only minutes earlier.

    Then the rain really started to pour down even harder. There was no lighting which is unusual for this time of year. The rain came straight down with no wind. It was incredible the way the moonlight light was reflected off of everything. It was absolutely stunning.

    Do we have any interpreters here? (Just Kidding)

    My interpretation is that I was extremely lucky to see something that I had never seen before.

    This event was definitely of bucket list quality. It was one of those special things that can't be purchased with a credit card.
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    Ah Ha it was predicting that I would misspell Beautiful in the topic line.:redface:
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    Seriously, that sounds like those moments I can only describe as magical. I've had several -- nothing like yours, because they're different for everyone. Those moments are, and I don't use this word lightly, transcendent.
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