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Medical I want know where the Swine flu came from

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    i want know where the evil DNA of Swine flu from any Strain of virus came before the birds flu i think if was virus like Swine flu should it have the same evil DNA
    so where it was widespread in which Kinds of animals before the birds
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    I recognise all the words, but the way they're ordered is not English.
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    Click here for a brief history of Swine influenza:
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    DNA isn't "evil", it evolved to infect cells more effectively and has succeeded in doing so. If I parsed your post correctly, you're suggesting that different strains of flu have the same DNA which isn't true.
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    It should be noted that influenza viruses are RNA viruses. Unlike our cells, influenza carries its genetic information as RNA, not DNA.
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    http://www.videodetective.com/photos/189/00795243_.jpg [Broken]

    does this help?
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    not all DNA are same in tow different strains of flu but that is right
    some Pieces of DNA in tow type of flu are same (Pieces of DNA give the virus Special qualities )
    this Special qualities does not come from vacuum
    i want know which type of virus has that part of DNA and make the new flu is killer in A few days most be it was widespread in Kinds of animals
    Before the birds At an earlier stage Of time.......
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    Mutation and RNA mixing in the host. The ducks are blaming these guys.
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    only which i have
    the scientists Has nothing to do with developing that virus ...........................
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    Those are humans.
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    the normal evolution of virus not like that form we see i think
    what that normal evolution of virus flu make it look like the virus flu in 1915
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