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I want to be an astrophysicist <3

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    Hello, I'm a new one here. First, I want to introduce myself.
    My name is Irine, I'm 15 from Georgia (country). I wrote a project about Parallel worlds existance in History and found out that I'm interested in this subject. And suddenly decided that I want to an astrophysicist. I know maths da physics of course, but wasn't thinking about becoming astrophysicist. If you won't be bothered, can you help me with that? I mean, those, who are already studying in this field. Can you help me? Or proffesors of universities...
    Thank you for attention.
    P.S sorry for my bad english. I'm going to America for 1 year and I'll improve, I promise.
    Sincerely, Irine.

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