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I want to build a single person helicopter.

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    i want to build a helicopter at my home. i only have a wish, whaich is refered to as idea in physics. can some one tell me the guide points about it. the helicopter should be able to hold a single person or about 70 kg. i am in Pakistan, Karachi. i have no idea where to get all the equipment needed. and what apparatus shall i need. and the design, i was thinking to use a motorcycle engine.
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    .....ya right.. and that will work.. well not wanting to burst your bright bubble but that is almost impossible....the designs and functions of a motorcyle engine and that of a helicopter's are different. and, i dont think we are allowed to just create machines out of no where and miss the eyes of the government and all. this wish... can be fufilled..but under the right regulations and all. get to know some one who builds these flying machines first ,then start working towards your dream. take the first step!
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    A motorcycle engine? I really hope you are not being serious ...

    Firstly, lets assume that u can get the required amount of lift from a motorcyle engine(very unlikely), and lets assume that it does fly(almost impossible) and on top of that lets assume that its legal(definitly not in most parts of the world).

    Please understand that machines are alot more complicated than just a big engine. As kaisxuans said u need to learn alot more about these machines before you can make one. But its not impossible so go and learn about it before just trying to put it together. Good luck :)
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    seems like an old thread, But why would he be assumed to not know what he is talking about? Some of the engines that power multiple homebuilt helicopter projects are extremely underpowered and unreliable! Take a Light weight modern sportbike engine for example, a modern Suzuki GSXR motor weighs a mere 140lbs, and produces 130+hp.. That would be more than ample power to weight ratio to produce enough lift to become airborn! Its just a matter of finding the center of gravity to make sure his ship sits level when hovering, and figuring out which way, out of many, to connect the motor's power to the main transmission gear box, and tail rotor drive shaft. No doubt in my mind that it would work. Many of these mosquito run off of a 40-60hp little 2 stroker that sounds like it wants to quit any second!
    Hope you know what you are talking about when giving advice guys,, where would we be without guys with dreams and intentions on following their dreams.. My guess is still plucking grain from the fields by hand.. Innovation... makes dreams happen..
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    Unless you're an expert machinist with tons of experience and spare time, I would get a homebuilt helicopter kit.
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    A thread like this pops up every 6 months or so. The answer is always the same: building a helicopter is dangerous and difficult. We recommend against it, but if you are insistent on making one get a pre-engineered kit. ESPECIALLY if you have no formal experience in aerospace engineering or helicopter design.

    Here is a thread from a while back you might be interested in reading: https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=123639
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    Maybe build a Mini500 from a kit...I built one. they're a fun toy...not much else.
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    Have to both agree and disagree with various parts of this thread. First, yes, helicopters are one of the most complex dynamic and mechanical machines to create and there was some very good advice to look towards a successful kit available on the market (Disclosure: we are distributors for both Mosquito Helicopter and Aerocopter).

    Engine choices are much more difficult than pure horsepower. You have the difficult task of finding a power plant that is designed to run at a constant speed, preferably near the center of its torque and power band while rotating and geared exactly to the spped required by the main rotor with a power bleed of of approximaytely 15% average for the tail rotor .. and must weigh in at an absolute minimum. The two strokes used on the Mosquito may sound to one of you like they might quit at any moment but over 140 delivered machines have proven they don't. Many 4 strokes have been tried from probably most every manufacturer but there is always at least one thing that rules a new engine out from cooling issues to power band or the weight of the engine itself or all the extra cooling equipment needed - would love to find one that works though.

    When you are finished with this or most of the other kit helicopters you have much more than a toy (the Mini 500 is not a good example as it was extremely underpowered). be happy to supply anyone more info on any of them.
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    Good points, I know all about the -500 being underpowered....mostly when you need it...I like the look of the XEL...Can't beat that price either.
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