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I want to do my M.S. in forces and energy. Please help me?

Hi, i completed my Electronics and Communication [B.E.]. I want to go for M.S. abroad where can i have great studying atmosphere cause i heard the projects undertaken where more advanced than in India. I want to do projects about forces and energy. Which Field is best matching for me. Please Advice.

um? all physics has to do with forces and energy

I would suggest if you can't narrow down your interest more than that you probably need to do an undergrad in physics before being admitted into a graduate program.

Unless this is a strange joke of some kind
Thanks for ur reply.
I am very serious about doing Phd in physics. I want to understand the secrets hidden in nature. I may be a professor in just a few years.
i am planning to do GRE Physics test October 2010.
i have enrolled for M.Sc physics, distance education since i am working in software concern now.
By 2011 ill finish M.Sc. physics. with this degree in hand and a good GRE physics and GRE General Score i am confident that i may get good academic study.

I am now not sure which college to choose u.s. or u.k.?
Where can i get a job in physics?
Which branch of physics has many job opportunities?

Please help !!!!!!!!
Still not sure if this is a joke...

MSc distance education in physics?
Maybe I am out of the loop for the rest of the world, but it doesn't sound like something that would be honoured anywhere. Do you have a supervisor, a thesis, graduate level course work?
Make sure whatever you are doing isn't a scam as it seems suspicious.
Looking through your post I see 4 months ago you asked a question about the practical applications of calculus. Either you've come along way since then you're being a bit hasty in worrying about graduate work in physics
i am really pleased that atleast you reply me.

i am planning to do M.Sc degree in physics in india through distance education.
Is a Msc physics degree enough for Phd or M.S physics admission in U.K?
No, certainly not a distance education degree.
thanks lubuntu... you have cleared my dialemma.
Now how can i get into Physics research having a bachelor degree in Electronics and Communication. Please help.

I really feel much thankful to this forum.. you ppl r great.


Science Advisor
How does one get a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communications without a strong calculus or electromagnetics background? I don't say this to beat you down, but rather to indicate that you might be in need of some remedial physics background (or a bachelor's in physics) if you're serious about going into graduate school.
MATLAB, now do you see what I meant back then?

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