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I wanted to know in what applications there is a great need for very

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    I wanted to know in what applications there is a great need for very accurate temperature sensing in other words If you could measure surfaces with an accuracy of 10X what you can measure today – would that gain you anything? Or what applications would such accuracy be most useful for?

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    Well, accurate temperature sensing is vital in several sciences and developing projects. Of course, there is always the military applications of such technologies, but there are also numerous other ways in which such a development may be applied. Considering that inefficiency of a machine/device that consumes energy can be defined in terms of heat loss, with more accurate measuring devices one would be to an even greater extent be able to determine where the energy is lost in order to improve efficiency. This can be applied in electronics as well as more mechanical engineering.

    Also, temperature measurement is a vital aspect in astrophysics when determining the temperature and therefore also much of the nature of cosmological objects. Today it is possible to measure the temperature of a distant star, but with even better technology one would be better suited for measuring temperatures of other objects (perhaps even objects orbiting the stars in question).

    These are just a few such applications that I could think of off the top of my head. I am sure there are numerous others and hope more of you have some to discuss.

    Hope this helpes, Shonan
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