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I would like to learn about the string theory.

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    Why hello there my fellow science lovers,

    I'm some what new to the forums, and I'm loving it here. If this is being posted in the wrong section, I am very sorry. Anyways, I'm aware of the whole idea of the string theory. General relativity governs motion at a macroscale and quantum field theory governs movement at a micro scale, and in order to combine them together into one unifying theory, an equation that describes motion at both a macro scale and micro scale, the string theory was suggested. I was trying to read more and encountered lots of articles about super strings and extra dimensions. I usually read a lot online about stuff like this, in fact, yesterday I spent just about 3 hours in between two of my exams reading about it.

    My question is involving the little pieces of the string theory. I want to know what super strings are, and how there can be extra (9 to 10) dimensions hidden at a quantum scale. If someone would generously help me out, that would honestly mean the world to me. I don't have a degree in physics or anything like that but I for sure plan on getting one one day. For now, it's just reading and watching videos about it.

    Thank you very much!

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    String theories so far are mathematical models which propose that underlying the 'standard model' of particle physics there could be still smaller more fundamental entities.
    The math requires additional dimensions which cannot be observed in practice at the present time, so it's not a testable theory , even if it does make mathematical sense.
    Opinions therefore differ a lot, personally I hope that someday it will become testable, but I don't think that will be soon.
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    Isn't it something like if you see a clothles line from a distance and see an ant on it, you're only seeing one line, but in that ant's perspective he's able to move around?
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