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A If there is a particle at 750 GeV, what is it? a quark?

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    A couple of quotes from papers that have shown up recently:

    from: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1512.05327.pdf

    We consider several models for these fermions, including a single vector-like charge 2/3 T quark, a doublet of vector-like quarks (T, B), and a vectorlike generation including leptons that also contribute to the X → γγ decay amplitude.

    from: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1512.05326.pdf

    Models of a scalar resonance which explain the excess can come from sectors with a wide variety of field content and quantum number assignments [3]. The simplest possibility which avoids many correlated bounds is a resonance that is a singlet under the Standard Model gauge group. This implies that the coupling to protons and photons is generated by loops of new non-Standard Model particles that are colored and charged ... The most economical model consists of adding a single pair of colored and hypercharged fermions, thus providing for loop-level couplings to gluons and photons.
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