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If warp drive is possible, how would it affect nearby planets?

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    If warp drive was possible, how could it affect the orbit of planets that are close to the warp? I'm not sure how to define how close. Is there a minimum distance the spaceship would need to be from other planets, so that it has no effect?
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    Hi material, Warp Drives are fictional and thus we can only guess. So in the end it's really not that useful. Try reading this wiki and use your imagination.
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    Far enough to stay outside of their atmospheres.
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    Hi material! I notice you've been a member here on Physics Forums since 04 November 2010. During that time I'm surprised you've not noticed that the type of "impossible" question you've posted here cannot be answered by scientists and engineers. You must know that we here only deal with "real science" in the regular forums.

    There is a science fiction area for this question: https://www.physicsforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=219 (Mister Data may help you there.)

    Cheers, Bobbywhy
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    Sorry, I wasn't sure where to post the thread, thank you for moving the thread.
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    Please see the sub forum rules. The SF & F section is for the discussion of science fiction and fantasy, not highly speculative science.
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