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I'm looking for a test to tell me how smart this dumb kid is.

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    Don't tell me how IQ tests are a waste of time and how IQ doesn't really measure potential. I know all that. My buddy's kid just asked me to find an IQ test for him, he's 12. He's a smart kid but he's a smart A$$. Do any of you know of a good, free, online test that a twelve year old can take?
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    Not a good idea ... giving some naive kid online tests that will either inflate his notion of how smart he is - most often the case , that's how they get you to buy the diagnostic results - or convince him that he is an idiot. The online IQ tests , despite seeming " culture fair " and simplistic for the adults poses unfamiliar concepts to younger kids. The IQ test that is administered needs to have a more progressive approach - something that takes several days to administer and measures more and more facets of intelligence. It's healthier this way ...
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    This one will take about 40 minutes.

    Tell him it's not a full IQ test, just a fluid intelligence test.

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    Kids do too many stupid things ...
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    Tell him that all the smart kids find their own tests. Strange he didn't know that....
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    :rofl: Or just give him a few more years and fix him up with a smarter girl...she'll break him quickly. :biggrin:
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    http://www.athey-educational.co.uk/noaccess/mult1x.htm [Broken]

    Here's a quick free kids IQ test.

    Minus points from yours for not figuring out how to use google. ;-p
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    physicsforums is my google.
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    This isn't very small town friendly of you, now is it tribdog. In this kind of situation, just ask your self: WWSTD? (What Would Sherrif Taylor Do?)
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