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Im not sure if this s the right category but

  1. May 11, 2013 #1
    okk im sorry if im in the wrong category but i didnt really know where to post this question.
    Ok so what makes positive... positive? I know that atoms are made of nutrons, protons and electrons, and protons are made of up and down quarks wich have a positive charge of 2/3 and a negative charge of -1/3... so what makes that quark have a positive property? what is it that attracts negative to positive? how can something only have half a charge? im sorry if this is something really basic ive just been wondering this a while now and i cant find it anywhere!
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    That is unknown. The laws of physics just describe the experimental results.
    If you just care about positive<->negative: The definition is arbitrary, we could assign "negative" values to up-quarks and "positive" values to electronsm, without changing physics. You could even name them "good charge" and "bad charge", or whatever.
    Quantum field theory can describe it, but physics cannot answer "why" questions.
    That is just a matter of definition. You could assign -1 charge to down-quarks, +2 charge to up-quarks and -3 charge to electrons. You would have to change the prefactors of some constants, but physics would stay the same.
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