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Schools I'm taking astrophysics but there is no AP department.

  1. Sep 3, 2016 #1
    I live in Indonesia and it's a developing country. There are no astrophysics faculties right here, even astronomy. Even if there is one we don't have any job related to it here. It's kinda hard for me because no one supports me to study in this field. They said "it's useless and nonsense" "Why become a scientist when you can become a rich businessman?" I'm okay with because the economic in indonesia isn't that good but i don't live because i want to be rich, etc. Of course, I understand my parents want me to have a good future especially in Indonesia but that doesn't mean i need to give up my dream.

    I want to study overseas but the most thing that i lack is finance. My family don't have financial support at all. My sister right now studying Accounting and my father struggle really hard to pay the administration fee. I don't know if i can study Astrophysics eventually. Some of my friends say to study in Germany where the education is literally very cheap but the living cost are pretty high. But it's my best candidate to study in Germany because many Indonesians go there too especially Engineering students.

    I also start saving my money. I teach classical piano and while the money i get is only about 20$ each kid for me but it's okay. Anyway i got 3 years to finish my Senior high school

    I hope you guys can give me a few tips or recommendation. Thanks!
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    Well if there is no university there that teaches astrophysics then you'll have to go somewhere else to study, if that's what you really want to do. But it sounds like you have some time. Students can change a lot over three years. You may discover other interests, or your priorities might change. But planning ahead is a good thing.

    At this stage of the game for you, the big thing is to focus on your studies and build a strong foundation. Read up on stuff that interests you. Try to get the best grades you can. Whether you choose to pursue physics or engineering, there is not a lot of difference in the core material until you get into about your second year of university. So there isn't a lot of point in worrying about such specifics now.

    On the financial side of things you or your parents might want to look into is whether your country has any kind of registered education savings program. With such programs often the government will match contributions you or your parents make up to a certain amount. This can really add up - even if you are only looking at it over a period of three years or so.

    That's also where grades might help you. If you do really well, you might qualify for some scholarships, which can help cut down or even eliminate some costs.
  4. Sep 4, 2016 #3
    Thank you so much, that really helped me to not worry for now. I think i should do what i can do right now. You're right i need to put all my focus on my grades and do my best. Even so, i'm really interested in Astrophysics but we will never know right? everyone changes. But, the priority right now is to focus on the present. Once again, Thank you so much for your answer!
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    Do you have the option to study physics, if not astrophysics? If you are looking at the undergraduate level, I don't think there is too much advantage in specializing too much into astrophysics. After you have your physics degree, you can then --- if you still wish and there's a mean to do it --- apply for a PhD in astrophysics in the coming years.
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