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Image assurance/quality autoregulation

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    Hello, I just was looking for possible information in the field of imaging quality assurance. I was wondering if their were any predominant scripts or papers on the subject of detecting the quality of an image. I know measuring how "good" an image is incredibly qualitative however, there are quantitative parts to it. Measurable things such as SNR, CNR or dose to patient size; I'm currently trying to find papers in the field that discuss the idea of quality assurance using methods such as these, and ideally other methods. Sorry if this is the wrong place to post, but doing my own research I haven't found anything in medical physics or the clinical world that touches on the subjects. I was recently discussing ideas to execute this sort of quality determination and I'm very curious about it now. Thank you.
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    A lot of the imaging QA standards are going to be modality- and even device-specific. So for example, some guidelines that I often refer to are here:
    You can probably look to the AAPM Task group reports if you need something more specific.

    Or are you looking for a reference that covers concepts more generally - like a modulation transfer function, detective quantum efficiency, contrast-detail curves, etc?
    My goto reference for such things is: https://www.amazon.com/Essential-Physics-Medical-Imaging-Edition/dp/0781780578
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