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Imaginary Planetary System

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    I had a dream about groups of nomads constantly travelling around a planet in one direction to stay in the 'dusk/dawn' zone of their planet as if they strayed too far behind they would freeze and if they ventured too far ahead they would cook and vice versa. What might a planetary system look like where this arose i.e day length, year length, planet size, distance from sun etc.

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    It would make it a lot easier on these nomads if their planet was tidally locked with its star. They could just stay put in the twilight regions.
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    A planet like venus with a day that lasts 116 earth days would be an inviting choice. The nomads would need only average about 9 miles an hour to circumnavigate an earth size planet each day.
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    This sort of set up on Mercury has been written about so many times it's a trope:

    One thing to consider is that it's unlikely a human friendly biosphere could exist on such a planet. The nomads aren't going to be primitive desert dwellers, but rather technologically advanced people's moving accross the planet in mobile habitats.
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