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Immortality and Schrodinnger's Cat

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    I've been playing with an expansion of the Cat thought exercise and how it relates to the many worlds theory.

    If we replace the Cat in the Box with ourselves, at what point does Quantum decoherence take place?

    Are we as the subject of the test a sufficaint observer to collaps the superposition or is an "Outside the Box" observation required

    If we accept Quantum Decoherence wouldn't this lead us to Immortality? as every superposition collpses, two possibe outcomes are created, if we repeated the box test to ∞, an ∞ number of worlds would be created, half of which would contain our death and half which would contain our survival.

    Since our perception would only be aware of the survival we would percieve only our contimued existence. infact an ifininate number of ourselves would have to survive split off at every point of Quantum Decoherence created as every superposition is created and collapsed?.

    How does this effect the Many Worlds theory and Quantum Decoherence?
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    Is there any math to indicate this "Many Planets" version of many worlds theory as discussed in the referneced paper?

    Or could this be another case of we don't like the implication that this lends to our theory so we will modify out initial theory to make this one possiblity impossible?

    It seems in all branches of science we seem to sometimes protect our therories when the implication is that an outcome suggests an undesirable result? The Cosmological Constant for example.

    Any thoughts on the Quantum Suicide Fallacy as real physiscs or an attempt at removing an undesirable outcome from a theory?
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    The problem is: there is no theory. There is no working theory of Many Worlds.
    Even if some sort of MWI is correct, it may be that the worlds are diverging rather than branching, so instead of imagining 1 person branching into 2 after the QS Experiment, there are 2 identical persons in seperate worlds all along, one dies (just like classical single universe death) and the other lives.
    It's simply impossible to know the details of this *BUT* the point Mallah is making is that if you are on the dying branch, nothing will make your consciousness JUMP to another branch where your doppelganger survives.

    not sure what you meant about the cosmological constant?
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