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Implementation steering mechanism

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    hey frnds ....
    i m 1st year student of DCE and m willing to make a car for college competitions. Till now i was using differential mechanism for turning the car but now i m intrested to work on steering mechanism ..

    so can anyone suggest me how to implement steering mechanism ....

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    common buddies ...
    i knw there r many who can help me and guide me ....
    plzz suggest ...:confused:
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    Welcome to PF, Nxt.
    You didn't specify the size of this thing. If it's big, just use a standard steering linkage from another car. One from a garden tractor or go-cart would work on a medium-size model. For a small one, just look at the way an RC car steers and duplicate the mechanism (or transplant it).
    In future posts, though, please use proper writing rather than short-form. Most of us have trouble reading that and find it annoying.
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    sorry ...since this was my first post so was not aware of what all to write...
    actually i m making a small car , u can say a toy car for car racing competition and design too hold some points thats why i m willing to use steering as it is less implemented ....
    i knw one way in which the whole connecting shaft will turn via single motor when turning the front tyres..
    but that is not steering , i suppose ...
    i need a better way of implementation

    and danger what do u mean by an RC car steers ???
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    Model car steering is very simple, really. Both front wheels are mounted on stub axles which are connected to the frame with pivot pins. Each axle has a lever arm that protrudes at 90°. The outer ends of the arms are connected by a bar or rod which is moved side-to-side by the servo.
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