What is Steering: Definition and 65 Discussions

Steering is a system of components, linkages, etc. which allows any vehicle (car, motorcycle, bicycle) to follow the desired course. An exception is the case of rail transport by which rail tracks combined together with railroad switches (and also known as 'points' in British English) provide the steering function. The primary purpose of the steering system is to allow the driver to guide the vehicle.

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  1. Juanda

    Auto/Motor Design to 3D print RC car - Steering

    I am planning to design an RC car to 3D print it and have some fun. It will mostly be a learning experience with the by-product of having a hopefully fun RC car by the end of it. That will probably force some decisions that might be overengineered and negatively impact performance but building...
  2. U

    I Fluid dynamics of sailing boat when steering

    1. Is it possible that sailing boat(going backward) turns less when rudder is full right, then rudder is at some smaller angle? Due to too high AoA and flow separation/stall, trailing edge of rudder is sharp that also lower stall AoA... 2. Analysis waterflow when object move at curved path...
  3. drago44

    Is this way of steering possible?

    I was wondering... Let's say we have a square platform with 4 wheels at corners placed on dirt and let's have left side wheels fixed straight and right side wheels are steerable so that when rear right goes in then front right goes out, would this way of steering work? What's your thoughts?
  4. G

    I Realistic steering wheel angle when car follows points along a path

    Good morning , I managed to simplify the physics of my car with only the centrifugal and traction forces. If I'm in control of it, the realism is acceptable for a city builder. On the other hand, I encounter a problem when the car follows an array of points. The path of the car on my graph...
  5. C

    I Steering a Car: Investigating the Forces of Rotation

    In a car we turn the wheels to steer. The wheels however are spinning about their axis of rotation when the car is in motion. Does the revolving motion of the wheels cause a force that opposes trying to rotate the wheels around the other axis to steer? How much opposition is created? Here's...
  6. Marinovich91

    Steering Effort on Sailboat w/ Hydraulic Rudder Control

    Greetings to everyone, Recently I bought sailboat with rudder which is actuated by hydraulic oil by cylnder and pump at steering wheel. I have been trying to calculate steering effort(feedback) on my hydraulic operated sailboat if I change my current cylnder,but nusucessfully. Problem is that...
  7. K

    I Steering the polarization of entangled photons

    The following is a diagram of an EPR thought experiment using photons that uses the same type of components as described in this paper http://www2.optics.rochester.edu/~stroud/cqi/rochester/UR19.pdf Would you detect any photons at the right detector? I want to be convinced one way or another...
  8. A

    How to stop a steering wheel using an electric motor?

    Problem Statement: i have a steering wheel mounted on an electric motor, and i want to stop the driver from going beyond a certain angle. i can read the torque applied by the driver, and the steering wheel angular velocity as well. how can i stop the steering wheel, without sending it harshely...
  9. R

    Steering rockets in space by shifting CM

    So, I'm investigating a certain way of steering a rocket in space for my first undergraduate research project. Essentially, the idea is to control the location of some mass located on a horizontal track perpendicular to a rocket, so that when the mass is moved, the center of mass of the rocket...
  10. bahtiyar

    Could a steering wheel cause acceleration/deceleration of a car?

    question: The gas pedal and the brakes of a car are used to change the velocity by accelerating the car or decelerating it. Could a steering wheel perform either of these two actions? Explain. P.s: Of course velocity is a vector quantity and if the direction of car change there is an...
  11. A

    Steering angle for Autonomous vehicle

    Dear All, Hello, I'm studying electronics engineering and I'm new in vehicle dynamics, Recently, I make an autonomous vehicle for my final project. In order to control steering angle of vehicle, I have difficulty to measure the steering angle based on curvature road and vehicle velocity. Anybody...
  12. jfizzix

    Insights Steering: How the EPR-Paradox Fits Between Entanglement and Nonlocality - Comments

    jfizzix submitted a new PF Insights post Steering: How the EPR-Paradox Fits Between Entanglement and Nonlocality Continue reading the Original PF Insights Post.
  13. B

    Ultrasound - Doppler angle vs. beam steering angle

    In ultrasound what is the difference between beam steering angle and Doppler angle thanks
  14. S

    Vehicle turning radius and path projection

    Hi everyone, i hope this is the right place to post this. Anyway, I'm creating a game, and I'm trying to calculate and project future car movement path based on steering angle of the wheels. By using equation: r = wheelbase / sin(steeringAngle) I'm able to calculate turning radius. But the...
  15. K

    Safety of electric power steering

    Does anyone know if there's a backup linkage between the ball nut and the steering pinion so that the nut doesn't lock up the rack if the power goes out? Thanks.
  16. T

    Calculating steering rack axial forces?

    Hello I tried to calculate the minimum force needed to apply on the knuckle to make a turn. The important factor is the normal load (due to the weight of the vehicle) when the vehicle is not moving. I know the kingpin angle, scrub radius, knuckle arm, caster. But I am not sure how to proceed...
  17. R

    Calculating Force for Rack & Pinion Steering

    How to calculate the forcee needed to turn steering wheel in a rack and pinion steering system ??
  18. R

    Calculate Rack Displacement for Rack & Pinion Steering

    Hii, I am designing a rack and pinion steering system .I have strucked in finding 1)rack displacement,2)tie rod length. The inputs that I have inner and outter wheel lock angles,turning radius,lock to lock turns,steering ratio. If I get rack displacement,I can get steering arm...
  19. M

    How to calc force required to steer an articulated vehicle?

    Ok so for a project of mine I need to calc. the force required to steer an articulated heavy on road vehicle and to overcome friction (so I need to calc frictional forces too). I understand I need to draw FBDs but it has been a while since i have done that and I have never worked with an...
  20. C

    The cost estimate of rack and pinion used in power steering system

    I'm working on the design project with my partner for mechanical engineering machine design course. We're modeling the rack and pinion used in power steering system. How do you determine the cost estimate for the rack and pinion? Any specific steps we need to follow?
  21. C

    Need help with project -- power steering system design

    Design Project You will undertake a detailed engineering design of a specified product. This will include: - Analysis of all functional requirement of the product - Consideration of various preliminary design options (possible solutions) - Detailed analysis of engineering performance...
  22. S

    Steering axis inclination - load on king pin post bushing

    I would be grateful for any assistance I'm attempting to calculate the load on the bushing in the kingpin post on this steering axle. I've uploaded a pdf of the assembly. The load would be perpendicular to the kingpin center line at the top and bottom of the bushing. I'm not certain how...
  23. K

    Turning a model car with no steering.

    Hi Guys, If I were to build a model car, with each wheel having it's own servo, then how can I make it turn in one direction. Say if I want to turn left, if I cut power to the front left and reduce the speed of the rare wheels will the front left wheel act as a pivot? Or should I cut power of...
  24. J

    Solving Steering Equations for Vehicle Control

    Hi, I am new to control system and coding.my problem is suppose we have a steering value and know we need to turn the vehile. I facing difficulty in understanding some equations. phi=T*st. %here st. is steering value and 'T' is some constant , but I am facing difficulty to understand...
  25. umair20

    Why Does the Steering Wheel Self-Correct?

    Why the steering wheel comes back to its main position automatically to some extent after the car has been turned...??
  26. J

    Motor Selection to Operate Golf Cart Steering Wheel

    Hi all, I am trying to select a motor for a project that will have enough torque to operate the steering wheel of a golf cart. I'm trying to avoid over design as I want to be as economical as possible. The problem that I am having lies in determining the torque that is required to move the...
  27. A

    Automotive Steer Wheels of Car 90 Degrees: Possible? How?

    can anybody tell me is it possible to steer the wheels of a car through 90 degree? if yes how?
  28. A

    Automotive Steering Mechanism: Turning Front Wheels of 4 Wheeler

    can anybody tell me how to turn the front two wheels of an 4 wheeler in different angles by making small changes in conventional steering mechanism.
  29. varun atri

    How can a hydraulic steering be replaces the modern power steering system

    Hi every one, i am a mechanical engineer working on a project hydraulic steering :smile:. i want to know that in power steering systems it has been used. but the thing is as far i know that the modern power steering system uses a hydraulic cylinder in addition to the rack and...
  30. K

    Turbulence and Steering Control

    Simple Question (I hope) being that air flow and water flow are similar...I own a Hobie ProAngler Kayak that I've modified. I built a transom mount and added an electric trolling motor (Motorguide, Varimax T-55). The Kayak's normal propulsion is a pedal drive system that uses wing-like flippers...
  31. S

    Automotive Roll stiffness affecting Steering Effort .

    I am currently working for a Touring Car Team . I have modified the front suspension geometry . Made the roll moment lesser and increased the Roll stiffness . Driver complained that the steering effort has increased considerably in the corners . 1.How does increased roll stiffness increase...
  32. V

    Differential Steering to steer a tank

    Why is it when a tread on one side of a tank stops the other side which is still moving will 'skid' in the direction of that tread? This is used to steer a tank but what is the physics behind this please
  33. A

    Understanding the Equations Behind Car Dynamic Steering Systems

    Hi, I have these equations which represent the car steering angles and velocity, but I could not understand how do the operate.They are used for continus turning motion without keeping track of the car angle Beta. I would like some hints if anybody is familiar with them or have any other...
  34. X

    Hypothetical question concerning vectors of steering?

    Hypothetically: -car is aligned properly -crown has nothing to do with anything -the steering wheel is on the Left and you weight generously 200lbs. If you were to draw vectors and include G forces and everything you can think of for this incidence, what would you conclude? You are...
  35. R

    Is a Rack and Pinion Arrangement Suitable for an RC Car Steering Mechanism?

    hello guys..i'm trying to make my first rc car..but m not getting the steering mechanism for it..is the steering mechanism for real cars applicable on it..?:confused::mad::rolleyes:
  36. DrChinese

    Loophole-free quantum steering

    Yet another nail in the coffin for local realistic theories: quantum steering (2011) Bernhard Wittmann, Sven Ramelow, Fabian Steinlechner, Nathan K. Langford, Nicolas Brunner, Howard Wiseman, Rupert Ursin, Anton Zeilinger[/url] "Tests of the predictions of quantum mechanics for entangled...
  37. B

    Torque is applied to a steering wheel of an automobile

    (Q) What torque is applied to a steering wheel of an automobile when the driver applies a force of 50 Newtons tangent to the circumference of the wheel? Diameter of the steering wheel is 40 cm. F = 50 N D (torque arm) = 0.40m T= Fd = 20 N... but its wrong... any ideas...
  38. C

    New Approach in steering mechs

    Good day People, I require some assist in designing steering system for a vehicle I'm designing I'm trying to upload an idea of what I'm referring too, but Site only allow 300kb and the file is 573kb Any steering ideas out there, that is different from Go kart, Cars, vans etc. In...
  39. P

    Gokart Stepper Power Steering Help

    Hello PF, A friend and I are building a rather cool Gokart with regenerative braking and UltraCapacitors etc... Instead of using conventional mechanical steering we plan on using stepper motors for a makeshift power steering system My question is I can't figure out the required...
  40. V

    Elementar question about steering

    Hello guys. My question is: what is the purpose of camber and slip angle? It's only to create an align torque on the wheel? Thx all
  41. H

    Seeking Advice on Steering Wheel Button Design

    Hello, I am currently designing a steering wheel and I'm in need of some advice. I can't seem too find a suitable button for my paddle shifters. I am looking for a button that gives defined user feedback and that takes a bit of force to push it, but it also have to be reasonable size. If...
  42. C

    What is the best place to put your hands on a steering wheel?

    Does a certain position let you exert more torque on the steering wheel? I've heard 10 and 2 o'clock. I've also heard 9 and 3 o'clock. Is it possible to explain with physics why two hands placed right next to each other would not be as effective as two hands spaced further apart? I...
  43. M

    Motor for steering a laser beam

    Hi guys, I'm trying to make a rudimentary projector of sorts using a low power (class 1) laser diode. I'd like to shine the laser onto two mirrors: one would control the horizontal portion of the scan, and the other would control the vertical portion of the scan. My problem is this: what...
  44. R

    Front Steering Geometry of Tractor

    Hi all! I am making a tractor's front wheel steering arrangment with driving front wheels driven through hydraulic motors. Because of space constraint I was wondering if steering axis (kingpin) can be shifted towards front of wheel axis ie positive mechanical trail but without any castor...
  45. teroenza

    Is Non-mechanical Steering the Future of Electric Cars?

    Hello all, With all-electric car designs becoming more popular, I was wondering if it was really necessary to have all that mechanical linkage in the front of an automobile to steer. Assuming independent electric motors for each wheel, and drive-by-wire technology, a simple alteration in...
  46. V

    Calculating Maximum Steering Angle of a Car

    sir, how can we calculate maximum steering angle of a car. i have the following details: turning radius = 4.6 mts wheel base= 2360mm track=1495mm also can you please suggest the relation for steering angle and turning radius and what are the values necessary for calculation of steering...
  47. M

    Calculate forces and size parts in a steering arrangement

    Homework Statement I am trying to size parts of a boat, but I don't believe in my results. An attempt to solve one subproblem of this in a rulebook based way can be read here: http://www.boatdesign.net/forums/boat-design/rudder-scantling-31263.html Is it appropriate to bring that question...
  48. U

    Steering Mechanism for 40KG Battle Robot

    Hi, I'm building an battle robot. The total weight of the bot is round 40KG. I want to implement an steering mechanism for my bot. For that i found Rack and pinion arrangement. But the problem in that is, how to make an DC motor to rotate just for a few revolutions? Another method which can...
  49. M

    How to Optimize Steering Arm Angle for Rear Steer and Ackermann in FSAE Design?

    Hi :smile:! I am doing the steering of our FSAE(formula racing car). will be using rear steer with a lot of ackermann. One particular strategy i came across for finalising stering arm angle is, you vary your steering arm angle (angle seen in plan between steering arm and uprights) so that...