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Implementing LaTeX into a chatroom?

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    I'm interested in finding out if it's relatively simple to integrate LaTeX into a chatroom.

    After spending a bit of time here in the homework help forums, as well as spending a considerable amount of time browsing the other forums, I realized that it would be an interesting experiment to set up a chatroom for my students (I'm a high school pre-calculus, calculus, and physics teacher). That way, I can integrate a little more technology into my curriculum (to balance out a lack of graphing calculator emphasis that a lot of teachers seem to be embracing which lead to students who can't do a stitch of calculus without a TI-89 in their hand. I can discuss teaching philosophy some other time though.)

    I have a little experience in setting up a forum. Are there simple plug-ins available for vbulletin or phpBB? (With a little searching, there appear to be)But, are they a pain in the neck to implement? Or would it be a matter of a few minutes of work once I have a chatroom set up? Due to policies at our school (as well as most schools), students are blocked from most chatrooms, with exceptions made for the type of project I'm hoping to accomplish.

    Thanks for any help! I tried to contact chroot who set up the LaTeX here, but I realize that when he did it, this was the first place that had that capability; apparently he did it from scratch?

    Thanks for any help,
    Tom K.

    incidentally, apologies if I already posted this question before; I thought I had last week, but when I searched for my posts, I didn't find it.
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    Hmmm... No one has any thoughts on this?
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