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LaTeX Display in Safari Browser

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    For the past few weeks, I have had an issue displaying LaTeX on this forum. When I open up a thread that contains maths, I first see [math processing error] instead of the equations, and then, a few seconds later, just blank spaces. I am using Safari 9.0.3 on OSX El Capitan ( 10.11.3 ). This has only started perhaps 3-4 weeks ago, never had an issue prior to that. Also, LaTeX on PhysicsForums works fine when I use other browsers on the same Mac, such as Google Chrome, and it also works fine in Safari on other sites. The issue thus seems to be with my browser settings; I have JavaScript enabled, and playing around with various privacy and security settings does not seem to be making any difference - the problem persists.

    Is anyone here aware of this Safari browser issue ? Is there a simple tweak ? I greatly enjoy reading on this forum, but the absence of maths obviously kills it for me.
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    Looking into this issue thanks! Anyone else come across this issue?
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    Test objects:
    Inline ##a^2+b^2##
    $$\iint a dx dy$$

    Both work with Safari 9.1 on OS 10.11.4
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    I found the solution, pretty much by accident. Clearing the cache, turning JavaScript on/off, and messing with the security settings didn't help; however, I then turned on the "Developer" menu in preferences, changed User Agent > Google Chrome (Mac), and lo and behold there was my LaTeX displaying correctly. Changed it back to User Agent > Default then, and everything still works fine.

    I guess something must have become corrupted in my local settings.

    Thanks anyway, everyone.
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