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I Imposition of relativistic constraints on Bell's theorem

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    Bell's theorem states that super-luminal communication exists between particles that are separated by space-like separation viz. faster than light transmission of information. There is spontaneity in this. Relativistically this would amount to going back in time. The state of creation of particles with opposite spin would actually be a misrepresentation of the particle whose spin is being represented as it would be a representation of the twin as it existed as some point in the past. Quantum mechanics and uncertainty would still hold. And so would relativity too.

    Do you agree ?
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    Bell's theorem states nothing of the kind. You will find many threads on PF discussing this.

    I will close this thread and invite you to read all the material on Bell here and on @DrChinese's website. You can start new threads with further questions you have, but note that discussion of personal theories is not allowed on PF.
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