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Programs Inexpensive applied physics/mathmatics masters

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    Sorry - there was a decimal point buzzing around.


    More seriously, why does it have to be online? Why not look for programs that you attend in person where you're supported by a stipend or teaching assistanceship?
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    My local university does not have that masters or anything close, at best they have a masters in mechanical engineering.

    The second part of my answer is kind of ironic but I make too good of money where we live as does my wife. I want to start my own lab/machine shop and 30-40k can buy slot of equipment and get a metal building set up.

    The masters would be more or less for myself and my own understanding as well as a resume back up if I had to find a new job ... but 30-40 k for it that's a hard pill to swallow and I will likely keep putting it off at that price.

    Also I won't sign away my intellectual property rights for a piece of paper either.

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    Nobody :(
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    Some options -- not sure if they count as inexpensive but definitely cheaper than the other programmes:
    - Astrophysics MSc: https://www.ljmu.ac.uk/study/courses/postgraduates/astrophysics-msc (12,600 GBP for international students),
    - Mathematics MSc: http://www.open.ac.uk/postgraduate/qualifications/f04 (ca. 9,000 GBP),
    - Space Science and Technology MSc: http://www.openuniversity.edu/courses/postgraduate/qualifications/f77 (ca. 10,000 GBP).
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    Awesome thank you, I did not even think to look outside of the USA.
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