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Infinity and one norm question

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    I was wondering why the one and infinity norm of a complex vector x are not equal to the the one and infinity norm of x* (the conjugate transpose of x)? This seems to be true for the 2-norm, but I am not sure why for these other norms.
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    What is your definition of infinity norm of x*?
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    the infinity norm of x* = (x1*, x2*, ... , xn*)^T is

    max|xj*| where 1≤j≤n

    if that makes sense. Sorry, not good with latex on here. I think I might see now the infinity and one norm of a complex vector x may not be equal. However, they are equal if x is a real vector correct?
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    If [itex]z = x+iy[/itex] is a complex number ([itex]x,y\in \mathbb R[/itex]), then [itex]|z^*|= |x-iy| = x^2+ (-y^2)=x^2+y^2=|z|[/itex].
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