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Info in nanotechnology, optical tweezers

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    do any one of you know optical tweezers... these are used in manipulating nanoparticles... any of u if ur working or familiar in nanotechnology or optical tweezers.. it would greatly help me....
    plz reply
    thanks in advance
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    i did that earlier... but that is not what i am looking.. some specific info...eg. what forces exist when handling nanoparticles with laser lights... papers i have seen discuss abt only 2 forces.. i doubt that there mite also b other forces.. so issues like these are kinda doubtful for me... so if any1 of u know abt optical tweezers.. or have any gud papers on them.. please let me know.. thanks for helping in clarifyin my own question... lookin forward for furthur help
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    Can you state your question clearly? It will help you get a meaningful answer.
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    well there seems to be confusion among people.. sory for that....
    I am currently working on Optical Tweezers... My case involves forces experienced by a sphere (of some nanometeres in diameter) in water. I know that optical forces are the major forces, apart from that what all forces does the sphere experience. Also, my past glance at some papers on nanoparticle manipulation says me that capillary,electrostatic,van der waals, gravity and buoyancy forces can exist. I am not sure of these.. and thus i am reerting to you people...
    Hope i am somewhat clear now... please let me know for furthur clarifications
    Feeling sad that inspite of these many conversation in this thread.... there hsnt beeen productive result... sorry if i wasted ur time

    thanks a lot for the support u have shown till now

    lukin forward to hear from you
    have a nice time
    thanks once again
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