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Physics Choosing subjects for a career in nanotechnology/nanoscience

  1. Sep 11, 2016 #1
    Hi all,
    I am looking at a university's undergraduate science program and trying to decide on which subjects would be suited for a career in nanotechnology.

    I've spoken to a counselor but she was not able to pinpoint exactly which subjects I should take. After a bit of reading and research, I've settled on the chemistry topics, but I'm having trouble picking the physics subjects, primarily because I am not entirely certain whether they are relevant to nanotechnology:

    Following are the subjects I cannot decide on:
    • Waves and Optics
    • Thermal and Statistical Physics
    • Nuclear Physics
    • Physics of Fluid Flows
    • Fourier Systems and Optics
    • Advanced Quantum Physics
    • Advanced Electromagnetism
    • Advanced Classical Mechanics
    • Advanced Statistical Mechanics

    Thank-you for your time. Please feel free to provide any opinions on the general topic (of trying to work in nanotechnology) as I greatly appreciate any advice.
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    I just found out that you were from Australia not USA - though that shouldn't really make any difference to the selection of subjects that you need to study .

    Not as good as the US site referenced in previous post but some useful information is given here :

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    Thank-you Nidum, that US website is quite useful, it has helped me narrow down my subject selection a bit.

    A further question: I am looking to study at ANU in Australia next year. They offer a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Engineering (no specialty in materials science/engineering unfortunately).

    I am interested in researching novel or current materials and crafting them for use in renewable energy and medicine. Would you consider engineering or science a more suitable option for this purpose?
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