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Information needed on this physics thesis

  1. Apr 24, 2006 #1
    i was replaying this FPS game and the game's main protoganist is a physicist who did his phd thesis on "Observation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Entanglement on Supraquantum Structures by Induction Through Nonlinear Transuranic Crystal of Extremely Long Wavelength (ELW) Pulse from Mode-Locked Source Array"

    anyone knows what does this mean in plain simple english? or is it just gibberish? i know that EPR would have to do with teleportation i guess
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    It surely looks like gibberish. In fact, there's a simple technique to write impressive scientifically sounding gibberish: select randomly existing concepts from different fields (as nouns, adjectives, adverbs ...), and compound a syntactically correct phrase with them.

    EPR entanglement exists as a concept. Mainly used in quantum optics.
    What supraquantum structures are, I don't know, but the supra is sometimes used in quantum-mechanical phenomena (supraconductivity...)
    induction is somewhat boring, comes from classical electromagnetism
    non-linear is a property of mathematical systems, in vogue since the observation of chaotic behaviour and so on
    transuranic: artificially produced elements in nuclear physics, like plutonium...
    extremely long wavelength is used in plasma physics of the atmosphere ; it comes down to very low frequency radiowaves (needing spatially very extended sources)
    Mode-locking is a technique in pulsed lasers
    Array: well, used sometimes in array antennas or something

    But the entire sentence, using these definitions, is entire gibberish.
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    it sure does look impressive to me :D

    wiki says it means "how to teleport large objects by shooting radio pulses through crystals of very heavy elements"

    i was wondering if it is correct? can those who are well versed in physics confirm or deny?
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    Que ?? :bugeye:
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    still sounds like nonsense. or actually is nonsense.
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    EPR entanglement is used to transfer the properties of one photon to another, in a sense "teleporting" it, but like the others say its just a load of things they've strung together to make this character appear as some sort of super physicist. The teleportationof objects is a fantasy as Entanglement merely transfers the properties of one photon to another existing photon. I think this was done in Austria at the university of Vienna if you'd like to chase it up.
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