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Injection Molding Machines - Plastic Gears

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    I need some help with the general very basic cost analysis of an injection molding machine and a mold for a particular part (Plastic Gear).

    For example, a Gear made out of Nylon plastic resin. The gear dimensions are roughly 2 cm diameter (20 teeth). Something like the black one here - http://www.gears-manufacturers.com/gifs/plastic-gears.jpg" [Broken]. I need to make let’s say approx. 600,000 gears per year.

    What kind of injection molding machine would be needed? How much would the machine cost? How much would the mold cost for the above given dimensions (Assume the mold is made out of Steel or Aluminum with 1 cavity)? Can someone give me a price range or some advice on how to go about it?

    Out of these which one do you think will be able to do the job? http://www.romi.com.br/ip_linhas_maquinas.0.html?&L=2" [Broken].

    Thank you.
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    Just on the surface of it, the Electramax seems best-suited for your purposes. In reality, though, you haven't provided anywhere near enough information for a decision to be made (and I'm not qualified to make one anyway; my plastic moulding experience was non-injection of polyurethane).
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