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Inland Taipan: Really The Deadliest, or Media Hype?

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    Well, the title says it all. I'm given to understand that Taipan snakes are fast, loaded with hemotoxins AND neurotoxins, and FAST. There is SO much information out there, and I don't trust Discovery as far as I can throw it.

    I'm guessing we have some Aussie scientists here, and I would love to hear about these seemingly nasty reptiles, without resorting to (sometimes misleading) bite statistics, and in the context of a continent where even the PLATYPUS is venomous!
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    Other perspectives:

    http://www.uoregon.edu/~ddardano/snake/topfivedeadliestsnake.htm [Broken]


    If one travels to areas where such snakes are found, one should take proper precautions to avoid interactions, and one should have ready access to anti-venoms.
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    I'm pretty sure the Inland Taipan snake has the most toxic venom out of all the venomous land snakes. It's not aggressive though unless you really and I mean REALLY piss it off.

    In an average bite it releases about 1470* the amount of the LD50. If you did end up getting bitten by one of these snakes though just go get some anti-venom it's treatable.
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    So, there's some hysteria in that it's not the type to chase you like Black Mamba, but if it DOES bite you, get help fast. Wow, Australia doesn't skimp on the venom does it? 1470?!? I guess they really don't like it when mice escape. :bugeye:
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