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Inner product of signals (or wavefunction)

  1. Jan 16, 2009 #1
    Dear All:

    Any idea for the following interesting question:

    As we know we can calculate inner product of two wave functions A and B
    as <A|B>. here both A and B are vector in hilbert space. here we may use
    fourier transform to get momentum representation of A and B, and get same

    Then lets apply this idea in this way, if we have two real signals, such as X and Y and I wanna get their inner product because signals could be consider as vector in hilbert space also. Now I use fourier transform to get P = fft(X) and Q = fft(Y).
    then get their inner product = conj(P)*Q.
    now may I condiser this result as an inner product of signal X and Y?

    Thanks for comments and I still don't have clear idea in this problem so just lets discuss it.
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