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Inorganic dust with life-like qualities

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Very cool. Will they be updating the article as more research is done?
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    WOW! .... wait.. ok, just checking that it's not april 1st :biggrin:

    that's amazing! I would really like to read more as the research develops! (what would I search for? ... "plasma dust cluster?" ... is there a more specific name?)

    if these computer models turn out to be true, this could be one of the most amazing discoveries... well, ever.— Not only life outside of Earth, but inorganic life outside of Earth floating in the middle of outer space! :eek:

    has this been confirmed yet? or is it still in the speculative stage?

    kind of reminds me of God from Futurama. I miss that show.
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    I've had a deep look through IoP and New Journal of Physics papers published in the IoP database and I cannot for the life of me find this paper.

    Anyone have any ideas? :eek:
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    I found it! Score!

    IoP papers are free for a month from publication, right?

    It was only published yesterday, so that's why I couldn't find it!

    Very interesting, do you think that this could be investigated experimentally at present?
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