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Interaction picture - time evolution operator

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    Hey all,

    I got some question referring to the interaction picture. For example:

    I have the Hamiltonian ##H=sum_k w_k b_k^\dagger b_k + V(t)=H1+V(t)##

    When I would now have a time evolution operator:

    ##T exp(-i * int(H+V))##.

    (where T is the time ordering operator)

    How can I transform it into the interaction picture?

    Do I have to calculate:

    ##exp[i H(1)t]T exp(-i int(H+V))exp[-i H(1)t]##

    This is nearly impossible, isn't it?


    (is it possible to use latex here?)
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    I adjusted your post using the double # around your latex expressions and they look a lot better. You can do the same.
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