1. H

    Importance of negentropy in the creation of life

    Summary: A supply of negentropy into a system is necessary to create states of higher order and complexity. Since the origin and evolution of life involves the creation of ever more complex molecular arrangements of atoms, life could not start without a sufficient supply of negentropy. So when...
  2. A

    Did I find an error in the logic of Evolution with just 2 questions?

    1. If we descended from an unknown common ancestor that was a step up from chimpanzees and bonobo's, then by biological definition, shouldn't chimpanzees and bonobos be much more wise and more intelligent than humans as they are the ones who came first through evolution before our unknown common...
  3. P

    Is there any evolutionary benefit from magnetoreception?

    Some organisms still have magnetoreceptors, what would be the evolutionary benefits of these receptors?
  4. R

    Evolution and quantum physics

    Is it possible that evolution happens in quantum jumps as no intermediate lifeforms were ever found? Analogous to an electron jumping from lower energy level to higher energy level without intermediary states.
  5. T

    Does this article support Evolution or Disprove it?

    Link: https://www.techtimes.com/articles/228798/20180530/massive-genetic-study-reveals-90-percent-of-earth-s-animals-appeared-at-the-same-time.htm Question: Does this article support Evolution or Disprove it? I've seen Pastors Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5dkwg4fKElw using this article...
  6. Cantor080

    I Was there any need or utility or aim, for Cantor's theory?

    Was there any need or utility or aim, for which Cantor created his theory? Did Cantor's theory clear any of the problems which existed before? (Though my user name is Cantor, I don't know lot about him or his theory :biggrin:) Reddit...
  7. Ygggdrasil

    What type of bacteria evolved into mitochondria?

    An important step in the evolution of plants, animals and other complex, multicellular forms of life was eukaryogenesis, the evolution of eukaryotes. Eukaryotes are one of the three major classifications of life (alongside single-celled bacteria and archaea), and are characterized by cellular...
  8. Non Euclidean

    Other Can a physicist study evolutionary biology? How can I do?

    Hello, I’m an undergraduate physics student. Recently, I recognize that I am interested in evolution and I want to study life’s origin. When I preferred physics, because I want to learn how nature works. Now, I am not only interested in how nature works, also I’m passionate for neuroscience and...
  9. V

    Where does the gene for green color come from?

    I was studying evolution and speciation and an example was given in my textbook. It said that there is a species of red beetles and through variation a green beetle is formed and then is naturally selected as red beetles are easily seen by crows and green are not. My question is where does the...
  10. W

    MATLAB Plotting animations (time-evolution)

    Hi all, I have a spatial probability density function that is dependent on ##x##, space and ##t##, time. I am able to make a plot for spatial probability density for each point in time by specifying ##t## values by using the fplot function. However, I want an animation that allows me to see...
  11. N

    Benefits of variation?

    1. Homework Statement Variation during reproduction is beneficial to the species but not necessarily for the individual? 2. Homework Equations Not any 3. The Attempt at a Solution I only know about variation during reproduction is beneficial to the species but I don't know anything about how...
  12. F

    Life on other planets, are we looking at the wrong planets?

    Scientists are looking for earth like planets/bodies to find life on other planets/bodies, somewhere that is warm enough that liquid water can exist, and somewhere with basic organic molecules. Here's where I have a concern, in the 4 billion years of earths life, to our knowledge life had only...
  13. omnipojack

    Writing: Input Wanted "Natural Born" Androids/Cyborgs

    At the time my story takes place, humans are in an evolutionary transition period. They have been able to modify DNA/genes so that people can have accessories, so to speak (communicator built into your arm, infrared sight, joints that can sustain falls from great heights, etc.), but very few...
  14. A

    B Wave-particle-duality and the evolution of the universe

    If i've understood correct, every particle in the universe exists in a waveform, which i've understood to mean propability where the particle does exist? Then which i've understood is, that the wave transforms into a particle only when observed, is this correct? Then if it is correct, how...
  15. M

    Hello, looking forward to your feedback ...

    Hi, my Name is Markus and I'm from Germany, I have more a lingustic & IT background with basics in physics from school times (some years ago, I have to say). I have a couple of more holistic questions, hope that is ok, please let me know, Have a great day!
  16. T

    Why arthropod has not evolved to be huge?

    Q: Why arthropods have not evolved to be huge? 1. Homework Statement Arthropods have not been able to achieve great size because (1) the type of organ systems they possess could not support·such a development (2) they would be unable to successfully reproduce (3) chitin is brittle and must...
  17. Cal ben

    How is speciation possible within known confines?

    Please someone help me understand the concept of the actual occurrence of speciation. Cataclysmic Evolution may account for some species but not many, it could only practically apply to asexual species and would undermine genetic diversity. Actually I can save a lot of explanation by clarifying...
  18. Ygggdrasil

    New Findings about the Evolution of Complex Cellular Life

    Humans, other animals, plants, fungi and almost all other forms of complex, multi-cellular life are known as eukaryotes. How eukaryotes evolved from simpler prokaryotic organisms is a major question in evolutionary biology. The current view is that eukaryotes evolved from the fusion between a...
  19. S

    Two or three primary domains?

    I'm wondering if the issue of bacteria and archaea having a single last universal common ancestor (LUCA) with eukarya diverging later, or all three having distinct common ancestors, has been clarified. I've seen a number of texts indicating the eukarya diverged much later, but also some...
  20. L

    Detailed list of all known human ancestors

    Hi everyone, In Carl Sagan's Cosmos there's a short animation video illustrating the shape of all human ancestors, starting from single cell organisms, morphing towards the modern humans. I've searched for a complete list of known human ancestors like that one, but I couldn't find anything like...
  21. Radu Mitroi

    B What percentage of the universe do we know

    Hello. First of all, I must say that I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if I'm posting in the wrong section. I'm a 17 year old with not that much knowledge about physics, so if what I'm talking about makes no sense or is completely stupid, just let me know. A couple of days ago I asked...
  22. S

    Nausea from vertigo: an evolutionary by-product?

    Why do humans (and other mammals) get nauseated from dizziness or vertigo? I can see the evolutionary advantage of nausea from food poisoning, but I can't see the direct "link" between vertigo and vomit. I found something on verywell.com...
  23. H

    I How did egyptian mathematical fractions evolve in antiquity?

    There are certain explanations on how integers might have evolved, like for example "the wings of a bird to symbolize the number two, clover--leaves three, the legs of an animal four, the fingers on his own hand five."1 Seeing all these, and making experience short--abstract, can be said to have...
  24. I

    I Evolution style algorithm to determine EOM

    I had seen a documentary about an algorithm that uses notions of evolution to deduce the equation of motion of a system by sampling a variable connected with the system. For example, they used the double pendulum case where they sampled the position of the free end of the pendulum and arrived...
  25. Aafia

    What is meant by "mode of existence"?

    According Zimmermann in 1953 "evolution is the transformation of the form and mode of existence" so I want want understand what is mode of existence ?
  26. I

    Did tissues arise from other cells or cell differentiation?

    Hi I have a pretty specific question. It is in regards to tissues in multicellular organisms. Is there any information on how different cell grouping arose in multicellular organisms? I have some ideas from what I've so far read and learned: - Would this have happened because two different...
  27. zawy

    A Moon reduces Earth's entropy?

    Spontaneous negative entropy reactions can occur when the internal energy decrease is greater than the negative dS*T. dG=dU-dST is spontaneous if dG is negative. The moon is receiving at least 1E8 J/s from the loss of rotational energy from the Earth's water and air. A lot more rotational...
  28. Kitrak

    Why are Darwinian variations considered directional?

    I read that Darwinian mutations are considered as small and directional mutations. Why is that? Regardless of the type of mutation, a mutation (or a variation) is directionless- they are random. From what I understand, the direction is given to these variations through environmental and...
  29. I

    Brain structure terminology consensus?

    I am wondering if there is any consensus on the structure terminology of the brain. 1 - I've heard that the brain has the reptilian, mammalian(limbic) and neocortex parts that overall perform specific functions and evolved in that order. - On that note, would reptiles have had any really...
  30. P

    Human Evolution-Bacteria Conjugation

    So evolution is based on the premise that successive mutations lead to phenotypic changes ultimately resulting in varied species. This despite the fact that many mutations in nature are actually deleterious to that species. The question I have then, is that if mammalian evolution produced...