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Interactive fields in QFT - the φ^3 example

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    Does anybody knows a textbook, a paper or any lecture notes that discusses the [tex]\phi^3[/tex] interactive field? I use as main reference Ryder's QFT, which discusses only the [tex]\phi^4[/tex] interaction. And most similar textbooks (like Peskin's, Brown's etc.) do so.

    I have derived the point functions and currently trying to renormalize the [tex]\phi^3[/tex] theory, so I'd like to compare my results with the right ones. Thanx!
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    It's discussed in many books. Take a look at this draft of a QFT book by Srednicki:

    Sterman's QFT book also discusses phi-3 theory, so does Muta's QCD book.
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    Thanx a lot!
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