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Interested in learning quantum theory

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    Hello I have an interest in assimilating new knowledge and would be most in debted if you could give me a possible crash course in the most used phrases, words and equations used in quantum therory and quantum mechanics so I can know what to study first in order to get a good grasp on the concepts of it, so that I may enjoy talking with you guys in detail and not looking like a complete imbecile while chatting..I thank you friends for any help in my quest to understand the concepts of this riveting science
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    What is your mathematical background? And what have you already read?
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    Do you want to learn quantum theory, or do you just want to learn ABOUT quantum theory? There is a big difference here.

    You can learn ABOUT quantum theory by reading up stuff and reading pop-science books. However, you do not learn quantum theory that way. Quantum theory, and physics/science in general, isn't simply a set of disconnected information. A bunch of disconnected information isn't knowledge, it is "stamp-collecting".

    To actually learn quantum theory, and physics in general, you need the mathematical tools, because that is the only language of physics that has an unambiguous and most accurate description. You also have to learn it systematically, and that means you have to put in the hard work from the very beginning and progress through the various complexity of the subject. This also means that you simply can't JUST learn quantum theory without learning other aspects of physics. This is because the ideas and knowledge from classical mechanics and E&M are carried over into quantum mechanics.

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    I would love to get in depth and actually learn it from equations..but like anything you learn to get an overview of what to learn is essential in mastering something..I am willing to start from the beginning and work up..I have dedication to what I put my mind too
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    Classical mechanics at the level of Kleppner and Kolenkow, E&M at the level of Purcell, and a year of math (differential equations, vector and multi-variable calculus, complex analysis and a bit of linear algebra) beyond elementary differential and integral calculus is pretty much the price of admission to quantum mechanics.
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    Thanks you have given me some basis to go on which is always a good place to build on
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