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Interesting and challenging IQ questions

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    is anyone a cryptanalysis? look's like Francis Bacon's famous concealment system :/
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    To be honest I find theses sorts of problems a bit tedious. It's a matter of plugging away until you get an answer, I'm sure some Nash like mathematical God could spot it in 5 seconds. But I think the box is suggesting that I need new glasses because I can't see what it is. :smile:

    And the BRRBRBRBR thing is probably simply some sort of either moving rubix type problem in two or three dimensions. But again it's more than my times worth to actually sit down and plug away until I get it. Still the hints might be useful to someone who has an hour to waste.
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    Q.2, mayb(E) it's C :)
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    Try putting the B's and R's in terms of binary, 1 for a change 0 for not see if you get a pattern.
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    Q.1 ask's what is the box suggesting...

    Your suggesting people should answer the question of, what is the box suggesting

    -(A box within a box, full of false demintion's of line's :) left to are perception to define)-

    I looked at it at 400% max then added x16 mag of it and its not what it seem's from a non-zoom point of view -.-' hence my comment above before i peeped :/
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    na i will pass on that -.-' i failed to see the point in using time to create a new skill, that i wont be able to applie to things that i need or want to do in life.

    and the box is suggesting the answer to q.2 :/

    i turned them into a's and b's, but quickly lost intrest in the whole thing :/
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    Ah it's important to understand the question. Right... er same here. :smile: I'm not a big fan of these sorts of problems, I prefer lateral or logical problems to number problems. Probably explains why I'm not a mathematician.
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    Agreed! >.<
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