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An intelligence quotient (IQ) is a total score derived from a set of standardized tests or subtests designed to assess human intelligence. The abbreviation "IQ" was coined by the psychologist William Stern for the German term Intelligenzquotient, his term for a scoring method for intelligence tests at University of Breslau he advocated in a 1912 book.Historically, IQ was a score obtained by dividing a person's mental age score, obtained by administering an intelligence test, by the person's chronological age, both expressed in terms of years and months. The resulting fraction (quotient) was multiplied by 100 to obtain the IQ score. For modern IQ tests, the raw score is transformed to a normal distribution with mean 100 and standard deviation 15. This results in approximately two-thirds of the population scoring between IQ 85 and IQ 115 and about 2.5 percent each above 130 and below 70.Scores from intelligence tests are estimates of intelligence. Unlike, for example, distance and mass, a concrete measure of intelligence cannot be achieved given the abstract nature of the concept of "intelligence". IQ scores have been shown to be associated with such factors as nutrition, parental socioeconomic status, morbidity and mortality, parental social status, and perinatal environment. While the heritability of IQ has been investigated for nearly a century, there is still debate about the significance of heritability estimates and the mechanisms of inheritance.IQ scores are used for educational placement, assessment of intellectual disability, and evaluating job applicants. In research contexts, they have been studied as predictors of job performance and income. They are also used to study distributions of psychometric intelligence in populations and the correlations between it and other variables. Raw scores on IQ tests for many populations have been rising at an average rate that scales to three IQ points per decade since the early 20th century, a phenomenon called the Flynn effect. Investigation of different patterns of increases in subtest scores can also inform current research on human intelligence.

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  1. W

    Is it plausible to get the highest grade all the time when your IQ is

    Is it plausible to get the highest grade all the time when your IQ is the highest in your class when you try your hardest? One answer that I got for this question is "My experience in high school is that if you really have the highest IQ in the class, you’ll get the highest grades without...
  2. Joel_Entrup

    Is it possible to become a theoretical physicist with a 120 IQ?

    An IQ of 120 is plenty good, but the average IQ of Physics and Astronomy majors is higher. It's even higher for brilliant theoretical physicists and Physics PhD holders. So is it possible, with enough hard work and dedication, that someone with a 120 IQ could become a theoretical physicist? Or...
  3. A

    Do all great scientists possess a genius level IQ ?

    I've wanted to become a mathematical physicist for as long as I can remember. Hailing from a rather small place in India , I usually found myself smarter than the people around me .This gave me confidence that I'm going to make a great physicist one day . But now as a 12th grader who has moved...
  4. M

    Does having a good memory mean you have a high IQ?

    So I have an excellent memory. It’s not eidetic but I remember minuscule details that other people shouldn’t. I always did pretty decent in school but I was weak in math. I am a grad student currently going for a degree in Library Sciences. My IQ was tested as a toddler and it was a little above...
  5. F

    Math How important is it to understand math?

    Hey, I'm a senior in a high school in Canada and I'm thinking of pursuing mathematics and philosophy in university. I'm quite interested in mathematics and philosophy but I am also interested in lots of other topics. The main reasons that I want to study math and philosophy at university is...
  6. C

    Relation between IQ and career path

    (I'm 16 and german so sorry if my English is a little off) First off, I want to say that the purpose of this post is not to brag about IQ or some other bs like that. So when I was about 7 years old I took an IQ-Test because I was bored of school and another one when I was 12, both at...
  7. B

    Is having a genius IQ a prerequisite to be the next Einstein

    I graduated from high school last year, and I didn't have the class rank that I wanted (I was stupid number 2 in the class) after lots of hard work. It all turned out that my hard work was wasted to get some stupid title, but it got me thinking that I probably wasn't genius enough to be ranked...
  8. IjustlikeMaths

    Studying Lectures, self-taught (high IQ)

    Do you think people with a high iq or high intelligence go to lectures or prefer to self-taught the things from University ? So instead of going to lectures they learn it without a professor or teacher. Is there a way to say make a conclusion ? Or is it too different ? And some high...
  9. navneet9431

    Is problem solving an inborn skill?

    I asked this because I find myself in situations which trouble me deeply. I solve a deep interesting problem, I learn a new concept, its good but a single question which I'm not able to do, leaves me depressed, sometimes I can't just understand whether I CAN or CANNOT apply a concept to solve...
  10. R

    Interest of IQ (QAM) processing at receiver level

    Hello. My question is about a specific case. Assume emitted signal ihas not been created using IQ modulation, what is the interest to rebuild an IQ signal in receiver before port-processing ?
  11. Prof Sabi

    IQ Score of 128: Analyzing Its Significance

    Recently I checked my IQ at Mensa iq test and got an IQ score of 128. Is there anything special about it?
  12. AryaKimiaghalam

    Schools Do Harvard and MIT students have a 145 IQ average?

    Hi, I've heard that Harvard and MIT students have an average IQ of 145. It looks very odd to me because I think it's ridiculously high. In my University the average is said to be around 123. Does anybody have any recourses about this topic? I'm trying to decide whether to have MIT as a goal, or...
  13. ZMacZ

    By how much is IQ cummulative?

    Let's take a 100 IQ person, called A. Let's say there's a problem that needs solving that requires an IQ of 150, called B. Now how many of A would be required to solve B. (and would it actually be possible ?) I'm pretty certain that 10 A's do not a 1000 IQ make..
  14. Posty McPostface

    Is the measurement of "IQ" outdated, and needs replacement?

    Upon reading about what members of this forum think about "IQ" (they don't think highly of it if you're wondering), and the rather inherent discrimination that measuring IQ comparatively to other individuals/nations/races/genders have/has, is there any attempt in the field of psychology, or...
  15. F

    News Are IQ Tests Valid for Measuring Intelligence?

    Some of you may have noticed that practice improves IQ score. As one keeps on taking IQ tests, one after the other, IQ score in general keeps improving. Does that mean IQ is increasing with each test ? or are the IQ tests (as they exist currently) valid ?
  16. S

    Top 5 highest IQ occupations?....

    What are the top 5 occupations which require the highest general IQ? Rank them from highest to least...
  17. M

    Studying IQ of 87, still worth pursuing physics?

    When I was 16 years old my psychiatrist gave me an IQ test and I scored really low, a mere 87. The reason why I'm asking this question is because I don't want to make the mistake of studying something that is outside of my intellectual boundaries. My only strength in the IQ test was pattern...
  18. FallenApple

    Is IQ a Misleading Measure of Intelligence?

    What is interesting is that IQ is based on percentile. Isn't this number a misleading in an intuitive sense? For example, consider Einstein. It is estimated that his IQ is somewhere around 160. Obviously this is well within the top one percent. But the number doesn't really say how many times...
  19. J

    IQ Distribution Curve: Is Advanced Intelligence Limited By Drift?

    What does the distribution curve of IQ in the world population look like? If the average IQ for all countries is 90 (Richard Lynn and Tatu Vanhanen “IQ and the Wealth of Nations”), with an average IQ for sub-Saharan Africans of 70, I suppose that the distribution curve is higher on the downside...
  20. R

    Math Become a good mathematician without the "threshold" IQ?

    So I've read this "article"[ http://afiodorov.github.io/2015/12/04/terry-replies/ ] that really depressed me especially because I'm young. Apparently the threshold IQ is around 150, so does that mean someone has no chance?
  21. E

    Other Can a normal IQ person study Physics?

    I love physics and maths,I am17,from Malaysia...My questions:Should I have a high IQ to study physics in university?Is it useful in the future?Are there many girls like to study physics?Or I am a weirdo? Haha, just kidding.I need answers and thank you!I hope Albert Einstein always...
  22. R

    Is This Japanese Online IQ Test Truly Accurate?

    That doesn't artificially inflate your results. So I'm curious to see how accurate it is (perceived to be) among the 'general population'. 43 minutes to solve out 38 pattern recognition problems. I scored 113 (SD15). Way less than what I usually get in this kind of online IQ games (130s/140s)...
  23. Z

    IQ, brain power, and brain endurance

    I was thinking about drawbacks to high IQ, and I thought that maybe the increased glucose consumption from more difficult cognitive tasks could be one of those drawbacks. So a smarter brain could be in a way a "gas guzzler", which could leave you with decreased performance afterwards, which...
  24. T

    A normal distribution of IQ scores

    Homework Statement It is known that the IQ score of ten-year-old children in a particular population has a normal distribution with mean 100 and standard deviation 15. (a) What proportion of this population have an IQ score above 115? (b) Mary’s IQ is equal to the 80th percentile of this...
  25. A

    What is the IQ required to do a statistics major?

    I'm a statistics major, due to engineering not being feasible (units) at this point, and that I'm not really interested in anything in particular that much.. Statistics seems like a degree that is neither too shabby or too good in terms of employ-ability, so it seems reasonable. my goal after...
  26. B

    Medical Can IQ be increased in an adult?

    When I was a senior in high school in 1999, I read a book titled A Complete idiot's guide to increasing your IQ. Of course, you can tell just from the title of the book that the author was claiming that one can increase one's IQ. But, more specifically, the author was claiming that an adult...
  27. O

    Do Math Majors Need Drawing Skills? - An Exploration of Spatial IQ

    OK, ever since I was young I was well aware of my inability to draw. I had a friend who really could draw, and he did it so effortlessly. When I tried to draw, I had to erase erase and erase! I am asking this because I am a math major, and I would like to know if drawing is a talent that...
  28. O

    Are My High IQ Test Scores Accurate or Just Practice?

    Last summer i did some iq tests, my first test had 10 questions and i scored 100 (average) after that i took a few iq tests but I don't look the score because I have ocd and fear for the tests and don't know it. After that I took the raven iq test and i scored 115 , at the iq test dk i scored...
  29. peg leg smith

    What is the solution to this IQ question on pattern recognition?

    Hello, I was searching on the net for some IQ tests and ended up on iqtestexperts.com But my mind cannot understand what solution must be applied to one IQ question in particular: This is the IQ question: To me it seems like the answer would be C, but for some reason it is inverted, and I...
  30. Mogarrr

    Is working memory a better predictor of academic success than IQ?

    Here's an interesting article I found today: http://sharpbrains.com/blog/2010/01/10/working-memory-a-better-predictor-of-academic-success-than-iq/ It seems that working memory is a better predictor of academic success than IQ.
  31. R

    Can IQ Determine Success in the Math Olympiad?

    Hello .i'm Iranian girl,17, and I've finished my second grade of high school. this year is the last chance for participating in maths Olympiad but the biggest thing that caused I consider Olympiad after 2 years was I am afraid to not be a genius! You know everybody around me says the most...
  32. jimmywhite

    Find the Best IQ Tests Online | New IQ Tests

    New IQ tests online. Where on the Internet to find the best IQ tests?
  33. A

    What's Your IQ on PFS? Are You Above Average?

    Im curious to see what peoples iqs are on pfs. I scored a 144 on a wechsler adult intelligence scale test. Is that good? I fear i am only average for people here
  34. H

    Is this IQ test a reliable measure of intelligence?

    Hi, I just took an IQ test, http://sifter.org/iqtest/ It relates the European IQ test to that of the Stanford-binet test. I just did it, but I was rather depressed and self-loathing, so maybe I could of done better... lol. I also was not aware of the time I was spending, perhaps better...
  35. S

    IQ, Career & Engineering - Your Thoughts?

    I'd be interested in seeing what your career is and your IQ. I'd also like your general thoughts on IQ and engineering, and do you think you need an IQ of 120 + to become a successful engineer? Also this IQ test, which I'm sure doesn't have too much validity to it, but it's fun...
  36. O

    Solve the IQ Puzzle: 4 Left, 3 Right - Which Matches?

    the 4 pictures to the left follow a pattern. 1 of the 3 pictures to the right matches that pattern. which one?
  37. T

    Average IQ of professional physicists/mathematicians?

    Many scientists have never taken IQ tests so there is a lack of statistical data, but what is a realistic estimate? Do you think 135-140 would be the average?
  38. N

    Is My IQ Really Only 115? A Conundrum of Intelligence

    Hi everyone, This is something that's been bothering me for a while, and I realize this isn't a self-help forum, but I was hoping I'd be able to elicit some intelligent responses on the matter. I've been a pretty great student all my life, maintaining a 3.7 GPA throughout high school, and...
  39. P

    What is the Most Common IQ? Investigating the Bell Curve and IQ Distribution

    I do not care what the average iq is. I want to know what the most common IQ is. I mean...For example: 120 120 120 120 120 120 40 40 Average of all this is 100. But 100 is not the mean IQ. I don't know if the bell curve is just assuming that the most common IQ is between 90-110 simply because...
  40. G

    Can genetics and neuroscience unlock the secrets of intelligence in China?

    Seems to be a real thing. http://blog.chron.com/sciguy/2011/07/china-at-work-on-finding-the-iq-genes-and-then-what/ This research is certainly interesting. I think it's about time someone started doing this kind of work. Personally, I think finding the "ingredients" for intelligence is...
  41. F

    China wants to raise the IQ of the next generation between 5-15 points

    I find it surprising that China has found a way to measure intelligence! Let's kill all diversity and raise a new generation that are good at taking IQ tests.
  42. P

    Average IQ of a physicist/mathematician

    Hi, i was just wondering what is the average iq of a physicist? Just asking because i am only 12 yo and i really want a career in mathematics/physics.
  43. S

    Can You Beat the Most Difficult IQ Test Online?

    Hey guys, I did most of the IQ tests on the internet and I get about 140 in most of them but I couldn't do this one http://www.matrix67.com/iqtest/ I coun't even do question 1 so I am really curious to know how to do them :(
  44. K

    Anyone here with an extremely high IQ?

    Is there anyone here with an extremely high IQ or is a member of MENSA? Less than 1% of the entire population has an IQ above 140. Anything above that number is what is considered "genius".
  45. K

    A ranking of college majors by IQ score

    I saw a similar study by Yale psychologists, the results were roughly the same (they were mostly 1 or 2 points higher in most categories). http://www.statisticbrain.com/iq-estimates-by-intended-college-major/ Legally "mentally handicapped" person's IQ < 70 Average IQ = 100 by definition...
  46. JDW1

    MHB How to solve these 3 IQ practice questions?

    Hi, I'm JDW, I've got three questions I had in this IQ revision test which I could not complete due to not knowing the method, I'll type questions below, I'm just looking for an explanation on how to answer them, thank you very much :D. Jack is one and a third times as old as Jill. How old are...
  47. S

    I have become obsessed with taking IQ tests on the internet. Are any accurate?

    For one reason or another I have began spending more time than I should be looking for and taking IQ tests. I do them because they're fun. Honestly though, the main reason I do for this obsession is an inferiority complex that I've been harboring for a while now. That being said, I've taken...
  48. C

    Can you improve your IQ and if so, how much by?

    Hi everyone, Today I have been wondering if it is possible to improve your IQ and if you could how much could you improve it by. I was sceptical about to googleing such a topic as there is most likely company looking for paid subscriptions (and unreliable info). If it were possible, how do...
  49. L

    Medical Can antidepressants affect IQ?

    Hi. I created this account to ask this question. This seems like the type of community whose opinion I'd value. Basically, I'm a 19 year old math major at what most would consider a very good university. I'm definitely very smart, but as of a year or two ago have been having emotional...
  50. R

    Programs Poor Iq , but want to do a PHD

    Hi all, Today I got my mensa test scores back , it was 104 ..Im a 3rd year theoretical physicst in one of the top universities in the US , with a first in my first year and 2nd year . I was planning to do a PHD later , but this test has dented my hopes ..I am quite good at maths , maybe the...