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Internal police report on handling of 22/7 (ABB) publioshed today

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    Today, the Norwegian police published its report on what, in their estimation, worked, and did not work, in Norway in the emergency profession on that Black Friday.

    A summary has been made in English,

    I haven't yet gone through it, but the major points of criticism seems to be that:
    a) A collapse of the internal alert systems for such a crisis
    b) Inability in the aftermath to provide an organized relay of information.

    This basically seems like a whitewash, but is sadly, rather expected.

    In particular, the (in my view) culpable reluctance from police quarters to bring in military emergency personnel in such a major crisis seems to be glossed over, since that would target directly the high&mighty within the police ADMINISTRATION level
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    IIRC, a lot of people dropped the ball, or were following ridiculous protocols, just to name a couple of mistakes. Then of course there were Brevik's insane claims that he was some kind of military commander that seemed to confuse the person that took his call.
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    1. As for the last point, it was proven that the operator just 2 minutes after Breivik's call sent out a general call to the police units that a person had called in to surrender (we've heard the internal phone log on that one). So, it seems the operator did what he could on that issue.

    2. Another point that was NOT known prior to the police report was that critical moments were lost because several police cars drove the wrong way (they weren't familiar with the terrain).

    3. However, most of the damning whitewash as I see it, comes from the refusal of the police in Oslo to call in immediate assistance from the military to secure various strategic points in the capital. Furthermore, it would not have been technically difficult to request a non-police sniper from the military to take an helicopter with "shoot to kill" orders. However such an order would have been politically unprecedented to give, and would probably have reeked of rogue cowboy mentality in the upper echelons of the police administration.

    4. Another stupid point of protocol was that the first patrol of local policemen getting to Utvika (the quay on the mainland), had been given orders to OBSERVE (rather than interact/seek to disarm). And, observe they did, and didn't get any other orders..:-(
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