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Interruption in BSEE transfer degree, what to do

  1. Sep 15, 2014 #1
    Hi, so I went to community college and got an AS engineering transfer degree, transferred to an expensive private university and completed 1 year there. This summer, during my internship, a family situation came up that requires me to move to Arizona. Also, I got an inheritance from my grandpa who asked that I spend it on tuition. So, for several reasons it made more sense to quit the university (stop accumulating loan debt), move to AZ, work and later continue school there at super low in-state rates.

    The thing is, this is completely off the map of any direction I thought school would take. First thing I'm going to do is contact an adviser at Univ. of Arizona. I'm sure I will have to repeat some classes, which is OK because while I finished community college with nearly a 4.0, my first year at the university finished at 2.7. There are definitely a couple classes I wouldn't mind re-taking.

    So my question is if there's anyone who can advise on how feasible it is to continue an interrupted degree, it seems like something you just shouldn't do, between your junior and senior years. I know I'll have to start making loan payments after 6 months, which isn't bad.
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    Vanadium 50

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    If that were so, nobody who left college would ever return. Literally millions of people have.
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