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Interview a mechanical engineer for a project

  1. Sep 13, 2008 #1
    I'm a sophmore in high school and I need to interview a mechanical engineer for a project. so if any mechanical engineer could answer the following questions, that would be great. thanks for your time.

    1. Describe how mechanical engineering has changed during your lifetime.
    2. What specifically do you do?
    3. Where do you work?
    4. What are 3 key things to be successful in this field?
    5. Were any engineering courses offered to you when you were in high school?
    6. What are some of your important engineering achievements?
    7. Do you enjoy your work?
    8. What advice would you give anyone looking to be a mechanical engineer?
    9. What motivated you to become a mechanical engineer?
    10. Have you supervised or worked on any big projects?
    11. What classes should I take in college if I want to work in this field?
    12. What is the salary range for mechanical engineers?
    13. Where do you live?
    14. What is your name? (I need the your name for my paper)
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    please, someone answer. oh yeah I forgot to mention I'm in the PLTW class principles of engineering.
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    I'll give you some answers but keep in mind my actual job title is electromechanical although my degree is mechanical engineering.

    1. I'm pretty young for an engineer (22) but the computer has really changed everything. From being able to do complex calculations quickly and design an entire car on a computer has made development and analysis much faster and thorough.

    2. I work for an engineering firm (part time as of sept.) on a venture capital project developing a high altitude wind generator. My main tasks are to create, model, and analyze the power and control systems of the machine.

    3. In Dearborn, MI.

    4. Understand the fundamentals, make your work understandable to others, and keep up with the technology.

    5. Not a single one. The best I had was classical physics.

    6. Depends on what you call achievements. I think my best achievements have been some of the work I've done, both during my undergrad and my current job.

    7. Yes, although at times it can be very frustrating with all the bureaucracy I have to deal with at times.

    8. Make sure its something you want. If your in it for the money or some kind of prestige go do something else. The rewards can be small and insignificant so you have to make sure its a field you thoroughly enjoy.

    9. It's what I'm good at and its what I enjoy. And its always been that way.

    10. No. I'm still a "newbie".

    11. The classes you should take depends on the specific area of ME you want to go into. Its a braud field. However, I would highly suggest courses in numerical methods and system optimization, they have really helped me a lot and the skills are universal.

    12. Anywhere from $30k - $130k, it depends on your skills and experience.

    13. South East, MI.

    14. If you want me answers for your report I'll PM it to you.
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