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Interview with a mechanical engineer

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    Hello, I wasn't sure where to put this questionnaire, because it says on top do not post homework, but then again, I need to ask real engineers and the other forum is for undergraduates ( I think).
    Anyway I need to interview a mechanical engineer for my careers class, and I had been hoping that someone will be willing to fill the questionnaire below.

    1. As a teenager, what did you think your career/job would be as an adult?

    2.. What was your first paid work experience? Was it during high school or afterward? How many hours a week did you work? What did you get paid?

    3. What three things did you learn from that job? Did these experiences help shape your career and current job?

    4.As you continued on your educational and career path, did you have a mentor who inspired you to approach the working world in a certain way? Please explain.

    5. Can you please provide a brief description of your current job position and your employer? Did you expect to be working in this job?

    6. How many jobs have you had before this one? What were they and how did these experiences prepare you for your current job?

    7. Did you need any specific education or training in order to qualify for your current job? If so, what was it? How did you get that education?

    8. What do you enjoy most about your work and what do you find most challenging?

    9. If you could give one piece of advice to high school students about planning their career, what would it be? Be specific.

    10. What would you have done differently in high school, knowing what you now know about career and work experience?

    11. How would you describe you university life? Did you expect to that kind of workload and was it manageable?

    12. What inspired you to become an engineer?

    I hope it won't take much time, and I would be grateful for long answers :D
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    Sorry komender. For privacy and anti-phishing reasons, we no longer allow interview-type threads at the PF.
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