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Introducing myself:I'm here to understand Hydraulics better!

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    I'm learning more about hydraulics by myself and thought that this forum may be a good avenue to discuss with other physics enthusiast!

    I do not have much of a background on fluid power and so I'm finding a little bit of a learning curve. I've been reading many sources of information regarding hydraulics and sometimes get a little bit confused. I'm trying to ascertain whether certain assumptions are correct i.e. hydraulic accumulator maintains system pressure meaning it would store liquid at a specific pressure and discharge at a constant pressure (vs. accumulator stores pressure and pressure increases as it is being charged.

    As a first step, my goal is to drive a hydraulic motor at constant pressure & constant RPM so that I can achieve constant output torque. I will be posting questions in the appropriate threads soon!

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    Welcome to PF HydraulicLearner!
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