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Introduction from a Liberal Arts Type

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    Good morning,

    My name is sbogucki (Steve B). I am a 31 year old dude with a blossoming interest in conceptual physics.

    My undergraduate degree is in religious studies and international studies. However, I work in an aviation engineering office and from that experience, have been exposed to some STEM principles that I have found fascinating. I recently picked up a layman's physics anthology sort of book, and now I find myself considering the scientific basis for all things in every day life. I am obsessive by nature, (i.e., the type who doesn't just run, but has to be a competitive, victorious runner) and I want to tackle this nascent passion with the same vigor.

    I feel like I have an aptitude for the basic concepts. It's almost as if I sense that there is little I am simply incapable of understanding, just a lot that I simply do not know yet. At least as far as concepts go. I am wholly unsure of my mathematic capabilities, mostly because I have never rigorously tested them.

    I've become convinced that the many many people with greater science knowledge than me are in on some secret. I want in on this esoteric world knowledge!

    Anyway, thanks for this resource. I look forward to be a long time follower. Certainly via reading more than posting.

    Thanks again.
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    Psst. The Moon. It's not made of cheese. Don't tell anyone.
    If you stay around long enough, you may learn exactly what kind of cheese. :wink:

    Welcome to PF!
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    I feel a step closer to initiation into the community already! :)
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