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Is a A+ with a 100 more than a A+ with a 97?

  1. Jun 24, 2015 #1
    I looked at my report card and saw the g.p.a. was calculated with what letter grade you get(All AP A+ = 5.00, all AP A = 4.6666, all AP A- =4.3333, etc.) but g.p.a. stands for grade point average which is the score in your grade like a 94 is A, 97 is A+, 92 is A-, 71 is C-, etc. so if it averages out by points would a all 100's yield a higher g.p.a. than a all 97's even though there both a A+?
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    your gpa will olny reflect the letter grade
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    Nope. An A is an A, an A+ is an A+ etc.

    The actual percentage plays no part in calculating a conventional GPA.
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