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Is algebra-based Physics useless for majors?

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    Because my school's Physics department is so limited, they only offer algebra-based introductory physics lectures/labs.

    All there is for us majors is an extra unofficial 1-hour calculus session per week for those of us who wanted to take a full calculus-based course.

    Am I going to be missing out on anything? My professor said I won't, but I feel so disinterested now.
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    There's often not a big difference between the material taught in the two courses. Several of the physics majors in my current department took algebra-based intro classes, and they're doing fine.
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    Physics is physics at the end of the day.

    wether your using trig or calc or w/e math they want to use, the same basic concept is there.

    no class can hurt you, just some are better then others.
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