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Is an Engineering Studies BA useful?

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    Is an "Engineering Studies" BA useful?

    I'm going into sophomore year with a double major in Physics and Math, with a minor in Computer Science. I was looking through the course catalog reviewing my required courses, and noticed I could pick up an "Engineering Studies" degree with just three extra courses (Digital Logic, Circuit Theory, and Engineering Design/Project/Presentation). I'm just kind of curious what purpose the degree serves, and if it would help my resume at all.

    It's not ABET accredited, and entirely nonspecific. Would it help a Physics major land an engineering job? Or is it more typically associated with management? Or is it one of those pointless degrees that can actually hurt you, being seen as a Tech degree? I'm at quite a small school, so there isn't some big name behind it. Just kind of curious, since I can't find any information on it online.
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    Re: Is an "Engineering Studies" BA useful?

    At some point, saying "I have a degree in x majors" is no more impressive than "I have a degree in x-1 majors."

    I can't speak for that degree, since I've never heard of it before, but I'd only take the extra classes if you plan to work as an electrical engineer at some point.
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    Re: Is an "Engineering Studies" BA useful?

    Engineering Studies sounds like BS to me. Pretty much anything that ends in studies does. Just take the classes you think are most interesting, and that you think may be useful or applicable. An employer can look at the specific classes you took to see if they think any of it is a credit to your resume. The first thing they're going to think when they see engineering studies is "what the heck is that", and then they'll look at what you actually took to find out the real information, so I don't think you should go out of your way to take those classes.
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    Re: Is an "Engineering Studies" BA useful?

    Yeah, I kind of expected it to be BS. I was just kind of curious if by some chance it was a somewhat known degree, but apparently it isn't. I'd probably be better off picking up an EE minor if I really wanted some engineering credits anyway.

    It's amazing how many schools offer such pointless majors. I honestly don't understand some of them, like the "General Studies" major some schools have, for instance...
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    Re: Is an "Engineering Studies" BA useful?

    It's so they can get more people to go to their school, it's more money for them.
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