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Is astroparticle physics a worthwhile field?

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    Hey everyone, I've been researching different specialization options in physics lately. My main interests up to this point have been in astrophysics and particle physics, which has in turn led me to reading about the field of astroparticle physics. What are the prospects in the field like?

    From what I understand, it's still a fairly new field, that's still establishing it's real foundation. From what I've read, the research focuses a lot on things like dark matter, dark energy, elementary particles, baryogenesis...and focuses a lot on cosmological origins. Is that roughly accurate?

    What does the future hold for astroparticle physics? Is it a field that will have any growth in the future? I know the field of astrophysics has been pretty flooded lately; is it the same for astroparticle physics?
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