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Is brain and decision making similar to cockpit and pilot

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    A pilot is independent of the cockpit(similar to the brain). The brain only take command for different parts of our body.

    In other word the brain is only physical or instrument just like the cockpit and the actual thought process is taken by something like a pilot which is different from the brain or the instrument.
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    While we know a lot less about the brain and consciousness than we'd like, we're pretty certain that consciousness is an emergent property of the physical brain. In other words, the cockpit IS the pilot.
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    That is, in case of brain, it is not like pilot and the cockpit, which are different and independent.

    What you are saying is that, brain itself, is the pilot and the cockpit.
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    If our actual thought processes do not occur in the brain, then where do they occur?
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    Can our subjective experience be found inside the brain.

    What i am trying to ask, is that, are thought process and process, the same thing. So far, I see them differently, just like the pilot and the cockpit. The pilot and the cockpit cannot be the same thing or one thing.
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    Why not? Where else can it be found?

    OK, but that's just your opinion. Do you have any scientific reference to back you up?
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    My question is not where it can be found, but they are just two distinct thing.

    So how do you back, that they aren't. Can both thinking and process be just one thing.

    It is like a rotating disc, on one side there is a parrot and on the other side, there is a cage. They two are different thing, but when the disc is rotated, both of them take a single place i.e the parrot seem to be inside the cage.
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    Sure, I get that. You say that thoughts don't happen in the brain. But the completely natural follow-up question would be "what are thoughts then" or "where do they originate". You really can't avoid this question.

    I don't need to back it, the burden of proof is on you since you made the claim.

    If I come to you and tell you that I believe the sun is made of tiramisu. You ask me for proof, then the correct answer from me is not to ask what your proof is it is not made of tiramisy. My correct answer would be to find correct evidence and proof and convince you.

    Sorry, but I really fail to grasp how a rotating disc with a parrot and a cage is a analogy to the human brain.
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    Not necessary, it has to be this question.

    Yes, if at all there is question, it has to be, who or what is it that experiences the subjective experience?

    The subjective experiencer is distinct from the brain or the neurons.

    Here, we come again and the case is much similar, the pilot and the cockpit scenario.
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    Ok, you ignored my request for references several times. This thread is now locked. Please don't ever post again without valid references.
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