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Is Casamir Effect Related to Anti-Matter?

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    I have been reading round the Casamir Effect and Diracs vacuum field.

    On the one hand it appears to be a straightforward classical Van Der Waals forces concept related to capillary action and surface tension (duh), on the other hand I read that the Casamir effect is a possible method to produce anti-matter (what??)!

    So I am confused.

    Any takers to clear this up?
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    It is a result of quantization of the field between the plates. It has nothing to do with anti-matter.
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    I read some materials arguing on people can use it to produce anti-gravity... Maybe you need to post your original reading materials here, so that we can analyze whether the argument is reasonable or not.
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    Yes, it does not seem exotic enough for anti-particles. But reading around the Casamir Effect I came across http://www.mendeley.com/research/antimatter-production-at-a-potential-boundary/

    Which states: "The use of the Casimir effect to suppress local vacuum fields is presented as a possible technique for generating the sharp potential gradients required for particle-antiparticle pair creation.

    How do they arrive at that conclusion? - it was a funded research suggestion I believe.
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