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Is Deja Vu the Brain's misinterpretation of Spacetime?

  1. Jun 3, 2015 #1
    Not sure if this is properly categorized,please correct me if it isn't.

    What if deja vu is just our brain misinterpreting 'reality' and exposing us to spacetime. Like skipping ahead in time(according to the definition of time in spacetime) but then it calibrates us back into the present.

    Further explaining :
    You know how space time is 4-dimensional and a bit different than wat u might imagine(if u could - it's so hard),where the 4th D is time.But you're brain is just so awesome you live the way u do in a 3D space with the idea that space develops as a function of time. Which brings me to the question:What if Deja Vu is a "mistake" your brain did and u lived the future ( i know it doesn't make lots of sense but u know....).
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    No, Deja Vu is considered more of a hiccup where the brain has partially processed some event and then does so again only now it thinks hmm I've been here before.

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    Yeah, Deja Vu is purely a mental thing. It can be even induced by drugs.
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    It has also been theorized to be a kind of race condition where the event processing by the right and left hemispheres arrive at the temporal lobe a little off giving the sensation that its two distinct events that are the same.

    See the wiki article in my previous post..
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